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Black Men Speak: Culture, Community, Commitment

Honorary Host: Rep. Bobby L. Rush

Room 140-B, Walter Washington Convention Center (map)

Synopsis: Are black men an endangered species? It’s a serious question to ask, and there are more. Why is it that approximately one in six black men have been incarcerated? Why do black males suffer from the highest unemployment rate, a staggering 51.6 percent? Why, in recent years, have only 16 percent of black males who have enrolled in college completed their coursework? Why are 72% of professional black woman unwed? Negative beliefs and perceptions of the black male in American culture contribute to these shocking statistics. Our panel of distinguished black men will discuss these societal perceptions and dialogue with the audience on how to dispel the damaging stereotypes. The discussion will extend into areas that touch on socioeconomic status and the importance of education, relationships, and maintaining strong family ties. In addressing these questions and others, this panel promises to engage in an informative, insightful, and in-depth conversation about how we, as a people, can do better in protecting our black men.

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(Friday) 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm