Analysis | Mark Cuban And Donald Trump, Longtime Frenemies, Could Face Off In 2020 Presidential Race

Analysis | Mark Cuban and Donald Trump, longtime frenemies, could face off in 2020 presidential race

A popular legend is that Mark Cuban and President Trump were friends that fell out during the 2016 race, but the two have been feuding more than a decade. (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post)
Setting the actual history aside for a minute, the popular legend of the war between billionaire-turned-celebrity Mark Cuban and billionaire-turned-celebrity-turned-president Donald Trump goes something like this:
Act 1: The men were once friends. “Initially you liked Trump,” is how TMZ’s Harvey Levin phrased it last week, as he interviewed Cuban on Fox News.
“I did,” Cuban said. He had even praised Trump’s candidacy, for a while.

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