Annual Convention For Colorado WIFE Held In Lamar

Annual convention for Colorado WIFE held in Lamar

Colorado WIFE
Special to the Ledger Ledger

In front from left to right: Kimmi Lewis – Colorado State Representative for HD 64 & Colorado WIFE Legislative Issues Chairman, Jillanne Hixson – National WIFE Topic Chairman & Colorado WIFE Property Rights Chairman.In back from left to right: Freda Schmidt -Colorado WIFE Secretary, Phyllis Nelson – National WIFE Board of Directors, Kerry Froese – National WIFE President & Colorado WIFE President – Elect, Jenifer Felzien -National WIFE Treasurer & Colorado WIFE Treasurer, Cathy Scherler – National WIFE Board of Directors & Colorado President. (Courtesy photo /)

Colorado Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE) held their annual state convention …

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