Beekeepers Buzzing Over Pesticide Bill

Beekeepers buzzing over pesticide bill

Cyrus Moulton Telegram & Gazette Staff @MoultonCyrus
HOLDEN – The honeybees’ buzzing amplified as Dick Callahan pumped smoke into the hive Wednesday, prompting hundreds of the insects to clamber over one another to protect their home.
Meanwhile, some of the neighboring hives’ 300,000-plus insects flew around Mr. Callahan’s head.
“Most people who get stung, get stung by hornets,” Mr. Callahan said reassuringly as he lifted a frame from the hive.
But the scene of insect abundance belies a population decline in honeybees and native bumblebees that has beekeepers pushing state legislation to limit the use of pesticides called neonicotinoids. Scientific …

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