Buncombe County Democrats Face HB 142 Criticism At Town Hall

Buncombe County Democrats face HB 142 criticism at town hall

Pictured Above: Asheville’s City Hall. Photo: Abe Ezekowitz via WikiMedia. CC: 3.0

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — A May 13 town hall meeting in Asheville led constituents to criticize two legislators’ votes to pass HB 142, the “repeal” of HB 2 that left much of the anti-LGBTQ law in place. Rep. John Ager and Sen. Terry Van Duyn defended their votes, though both expressed dissatisfaction with the legislation and hopes that future progress will be made.
Rep. Ager said his vote was necessary, but admitted that the repeal was not sufficient. The bill’s passage was “difficult” but “pragmatic,” according to the Citizen-Times.
“I don’t …

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