Chelsea Handler At Politicon: “Donald Trump Scares The Shit Out Of Me”

Chelsea Handler at Politicon: “Donald Trump Scares the Shit Out of Me”

6:07 PM PDT 7/29/2017 by Jeremy Barr

On the first day of the political convention in Pasadena, the Netflix host tussled with conservative pundit Tomi Lahren and talked politics with CNN’s Jake Tapper.
Chelsea Handler played to the crowd at Politicon Saturday, bashing President Donald Trump in two separate appearances.
“He doesn’t have a value system,” she said to CNN’s Jake Tapper on stage. “He’s not interested in the American people. He lies constantly. He’s also unstable, and I believe he has syphilis.” (Tapper protested that last declaration).
Handler, who has an eponymous show on Netflix, said she’s not interested in playing …

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