Corrine Brown Acquittal, New Trial Hearing Set For Aug. 7

Corrine Brown acquittal, new trial hearing set for Aug. 7

Corrine Brown recently re-affirmed motions for acquittal and for new trial, in response to federal prosecutors opposing those original motions. Her attorney wanted a chance to make oral arguments.
And he is getting that chance: Aug. 7 at 3:00 pm in Jacksonville Federal Courtroom 10-D.
Brown, found guilty on 18 counts related to wire, mail, tax, and financial disclosure fraud related to a charity that led to the unjust enrichment of her and co-conspirators, continues to vigorously maintain her innocence.
The motion for new trial continues with the pyrotechnics revolving around Juror 13, the juror dismissed as it was ascertained that the Holy Spirit …

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