Corrine Brown Trial Coverage: How ‘One Door’ Hustled Florida’s Board Of Education Chair – Florida Politics

Corrine Brown trial coverage: How ‘One Door’ hustled Florida’s Board of Education Chair – Florida Politics

Former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown faces 22 federal counts related to conspiracy to defraud via what prosecutors call a fake charity: “One Door for Education.” Those charges include conspiracy to commit and aiding and abetting wire and mail fraud, and fraudulent filing of federal tax returns.
If found guilty of all counts, Brown could be sentenced to 357 years in prison, and $4.8M in fines.
The claim is that Brown and her associates solicited charitable donations for personal enrichment. Two of those associates, Carla Wiley and Ronnie Simmons, have cut plea deals and are functioning as state’s evidence.
Carla Wiley …

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