Delaware Ambitiously Courts Amazon. Still a Longshot! But Beware – Just Like The Mega-jackpot Lottery Winner!

Delaware ambitiously courts Amazon. Still a longshot! But beware – just like the mega-jackpot lottery winner!

Many of Delaware’s elected officials, beginning with Governor Carney and Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, are announcing Delaware’s proposed sites for Amazon’s second North American headquarters.
It would be utterly inconceivable that Delaware’s officeholders wouldn’t be making a play for Amazon.  If Delaware, somehow, landed this holy grail, it would mean tons of jobs, positive national PR, and prestige.  It would deliver politicians at all levels a cash cow.  It would certainly make Delaware more alluring to others in the corporate world contemplating moves.

Finally something big — along the lines of all those financial institutions settling in the Wilmington area …

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