Dem Congressman Says Trump Has ‘Fanned The Flames Of Islamophobia’

Dem Congressman Says Trump Has ‘Fanned the Flames of Islamophobia’

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BY: Jack Heretik Follow @JackHeretikJune 5, 2017 5:58 pm
Rep. André Carson (D., Ind.) said on Monday that President Donald Trump has “fanned the flames of Islamophobia.”
Carson made the accusation while speaking with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who questioned Carson about conditions in his district. Carson talked about a billboard against Islam in his district and an upcoming anti-Islam march.
“I think what makes me even more concerned about President Trump’s rhetoric is that he has fanned the flames of Islamophobia in our country,” Carson said.
Carson, one of two Muslims in Congress, called for highlighting efforts of Muslims in society …

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