FBI Scrambles Race For The White House; Legal Insiders Play Guessing Game — COMEY’s Letter To FBI Employees — 10 DAYS Until ELECTION DAY — TRUMP’s Wall For Donors — WEEKEND READS — B’DAY: Jim Messina

FBI scrambles race for the White House; legal insiders play guessing game — COMEY’s letter to FBI employees — 10 DAYS until ELECTION DAY — TRUMP’s wall for donors — WEEKEND READS — B’DAY: Jim Messina

Driving the Day
WHICH ONE OF YOU had this election turning on Anthony Weiner’s lewd texts to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina?
10 DAYS until Election Day.
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THE FBI’s decision to notify Congress it had discovered new emails “that appear to be pertinent” to its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private server — a move her campaign ripped as “extraordinary” — sent shockwaves through the presidential race on Friday. Clinton aides are furious at what they see as the bureau’s incompetence, rear-end covering, or worse. Donald Trump’s camp is exultant, showing new signs …

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