French Fry Face-off: Vote For Kansas City’s Best In Our Monthlong Tournament

French fry face-off: Vote for Kansas City’s best in our monthlong tournament

Who makes the best french fries in Kansas City? The answer depends on your preference.If you like salty shoestrings dipped in classic ketchup, your go-to might be a classic diner such as Town Topic or Winstead’s. Prefer thick-cut wedges dredged in tangy barbecue sauce? Then Arthur Bryant’s or LC’s Bar-B-Q could be your go-to. If dunking skin-on matchsticks in house-made dipping sauce is your style, you’re probably a regular at BRGR Kitchen & Bar or The Westside Local. And if you call fries “pommes frites,” we’re guessing you crave the European-style fried potatoes and …

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