From Rider To Russia, Students Learn About Global Affairs – The Rider News

From Rider to Russia, students learn about global affairs – The Rider News

By Jennifer Boyer
Four visitors from Russia — Tatyana Mikhaylovna Permyakova, Olga Germanovna Podoplelova, Ammar Dzhamal Al-Ansi and Anna Yuryevna Galushkina — participate in a school tradition by touching the Rider Rock.
Rider was exposed to a new form of delegation from Sept. 15 to 23 when it hosted four young Russian professionals as a part of the Open World Program.
The event was sponsored by the Center for International Education (CIE) and the department of International Auxiliary Programs. The delegation gave students the opportunity to interact and engage with young professionals around the world.
The event consisted of four delgates and a facilitator. …

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