Groups In Water Wars Battle For Hearts And Minds Of Voters Through Money, Messaging

Groups in water wars battle for hearts and minds of voters through money, messaging


Eric Eikenberg, CEO of the Everglades Foundation, discusses the foundation’s goals and challenges. Ricardo Rolon /

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An alligator peeks from the water at Pine Glades Lake, Everglades National Park.(Photo: Andrea Melendez/The News-Press)Buy Photo

Buy the sugar land. Send water south. Vote Yes on Amendment 1. #gladeslivesmatters. Bullsugar.
South Florida these days is a world of bumper-sticker slogans and big-money politics — a place where well-planned messages can cost millions of dollars and steer history’s largest environmental restoration.
The phrases, forums and protests can sway Florida voters, influence state lawmakers, control where taxpayer money goes …

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