Health Advocates, Doctors, Individuals With Pre-existing Conditions Decry “TrumpDon’tCare” – The Progressive Pulse

Health advocates, doctors, individuals with pre-existing conditions decry “TrumpDon’tCare” – The Progressive Pulse

In the aftermath of today’s vote in the U.S. House to repeal the Affordable Care Act and “replace” it with what critics are rightly calling “TrumpDon’tCare,” health advocates, physicians and average North Carolinians who would be impacted by the change braved a rainstorm to address the media this afternoon at the state Capitol Building.
Nicole Dozier, Director of the NC Justice Center’s Health Advocacy Project neatly summed up many of the sentiments expressed when she observed that

“As an American it’s disappointing that a bill called the American Health Care Act will have consequences that …

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