Jenna Jameson Defends Milo And The KKK, Slams Keith Ellison In Anti-Muslim Tirade

Jenna Jameson Defends Milo and the KKK, Slams Keith Ellison in Anti-Muslim Tirade

The former porn star has gone full alt-right.

As one of the world’s most famous ex-porn stars, a XXX icon who’s appeared in close to 200 adult films, it is pretty surprising that Jenna Jameson has rebranded herself as an alt-right firebrand.

Then again, the 42-year-old formerly known as Jenna Marie Massoli has, in recent years, become a major proponent of far-right thought, tweeting and retweeting provocative messages criticizing Muslims and immigrants to her 693,000 followers (some of whom, we assume, may have thought they were going to receive more than regurgitated Breitbart headlines).

Jameson, a vocal supporter of Trump— …

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