Keith Ellison In Shock Kim Jong-un Is ‘acting More Responsible’ In Nukes War Talk Than Trump

Keith Ellison in shock Kim Jong-un is ‘acting more responsible’ in nukes war talk than Trump

WATCH: Shocking video of Miami River flooding skyscrapers looks like a real-life disaster movie

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly blisters Ann Coulter for joking about Hurricane Irma victims dying

Mueller may have to grant Trump immunity – but could still prosecute him: law professor

‘Straight out of The Handmaid’s Tale’: Insiders claim CIA director Pompeo is turning agency into a Christian hotbed

‘Your boobs are bigger – you have to try harder’: Mom livid after school officials body-shame teen

‘The water simply disappeared’: Incredible MSNBC report shows Hurricane Irma sucking Tampa Bay dry

‘These people need to be protected’: …

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