Lobbyists At California Comp Conference Call Tension Between D.C. And Sacramento ‘Palpable’

Lobbyists at California Comp Conference Call Tension between D.C. and Sacramento ‘Palpable’

The tension between Washington D.C. and Sacramento seems to have created extra work for some lobbyists.
“It’s absolutely palpable,” Paul Yoder, managing director for the California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation, said commenting on the tension.
He was speaking with Jason Schmelzer, CCWC’s legislative advocate, about legislation in the state and its potential impacts on workers’ comp.
The pair, which estimated the tension between the nation’s and the state’s capitols has added 25 percent or more to the workloads of lobbyists like themselves, were speaking at the annual CCWC conference in Anaheim, Calif. at Disney’s Grand …

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