Local Lawmakers React To Trump’s Budget Proposal | Depend On WOKV – Jacksonville’s News, Weather, And Traffic | Www.wokv.com

Local lawmakers react to Trump’s budget proposal | Depend On WOKV – Jacksonville’s News, Weather, and Traffic | www.wokv.com

By: Robert Alonso @RAlonsoWOKV
March 17 2017 7:00 AMPhoto Credit: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

It seems like everything in Capitol Hill these days is split down party lines.
That’s certainly the case for your local lawmakers when it comes to the President’s proposed $1.15 trillion budget.
Democrats like Jacksonville area House Representative Al Lawson aren’t happy with President Trump’s plans to make big cuts to the budgets for Health and Human Services and the Environmental Protection Agency.
“President Trump’s budget calls for extreme cuts to vital funding for job training, clean energy, medical research, and public education,” Lawson added. “It is a short-sighted …

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