Local Politics: The Art Of Gerrymandering

Local politics: The art of gerrymandering

Ohio’s congressional representatives have so far resisted calls for reform
Michael Curtin
Not one of Ohio’s 16 congressional districts is competitive.
The districts are among the most blatantly gerrymandered in the nation, the most misshapen in Ohio’s history. They are designed to prevent competition in November elections, providing Republicans with 12 super-safe districts and leaving four for Democrats.
The accompanying map vividly illustrates the Rorschach-test nature of the districts.
Rep. Pat Tiberi’s 12th District veers crazily from Mansfield southwestwardly to Franklin County’s northern suburbs, then southeastwardly to Zanesville and beyond.
Rep. Steve Stivers’ 15th District swerves wildly through 12 counties, from Upper Arlington …

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