OpEd: Does That ‘I Am Not My Grandparents’ Shirt Dishonor Our Ancestors?

OpEd: Does that ‘I Am Not My Grandparents’ shirt dishonor our ancestors?

“Dear Racism, I am not my grandparents. Sincerely, these hands.”
The T-shirt with this inscription has recently sparked a bit of controversy on social media. “These hands” is slang for using fists for fighting. Following the controversial election of Donald Trump, and during a time when racist acts have reached unprecedented levels, the T-shirt resonates with many who are motivated to resist racism “by any means necessary.”
On the surface, the audacity of the message has shades of the Black Power Movement, when activists like Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael openly eschewed nonviolent restraint, in favor of self-defense and tactical …

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