Pelosi Vs. Boehner And Ryan On Modernizing The Lower Chamber: Maybe Smashing The Patriarchy In The US House Is a Man’s Job

Pelosi vs. Boehner and Ryan on modernizing the lower chamber: Maybe smashing the patriarchy in the US House is a man’s job

Maybe ending the patriarchy really is a man’s job. At least it seems that way in Congress.Knowing that necessitous lady lawmakers aren’t free legislators, Paul Ryan and John Boehner may have done more in the last decade than any other speakers in the last century to ensure an equal footing for the fairer members of the House of Representatives.
By changing the dress code and adding a ladies’ room, they definitely did more than Nancy Pelosi.
And that’s a delicious irony that the media can’t seem to stomach and one that Democrats refuse to recognize. But it’s a fact …

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