Raasch: 9/11 Is Settling Into The History Of a Calamitous 21st Century

Raasch: 9/11 is settling into the history of a calamitous 21st century

On the 16th anniversary of 9/11, that first date of infamy of the 21st century seemed for the first time to slip into the history of calamities that have marked the years since.
The spark that set off the single largest threat to the homeland — murderous terrorism that then-President George W. Bush said had tried to hijack a great religion, Islam — on 9/11 is losing its exclusive meaning.
American kids who are fighting in Afghanistan today were in diapers when the Pentagon was smoldering and the Twin Towers tumbled into fiery pyres 16 years ago. Much has been endured since.

Three Category 4 hurricanes, …

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