Reggie Gaffney Tells Why He Didn’t Testify In The Corrine Brown Trial – Florida Politics

Reggie Gaffney tells why he didn’t testify in the Corrine Brown trial – Florida Politics

Jacksonville City Councilman Reggie Gaffney was an eagerly-awaited prosecution witness in the trial of Corrine Brown.
Despite being on the witness list, Gaffney — a longtime friend and confidant of Brown — was not called to testify in the trial.
And has Gaffney’s exclusive take on why that is.
Gaffney’s theory: his narrative was inconsistent with the story the federal prosecutors wanted to tell … which is something they finally realized after two meetings with Gaffney, whose “Community Rehabilitation Center” and “CRC Transportation” were discussed at length during the trial.
Gaffney said his testimony was “consistent,” suggesting “that’s …

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