Rep. Ellison’s Throwing a Get Out The Vote Party With Messersmith, Dessa | City Pages

Rep. Ellison’s throwing a Get Out the Vote party with Messersmith, Dessa | City Pages

But here’s the motherfuckin’ rub, sheeple: While folk’ll eagerly go out dancing to the latest rock ‘n’ roll combination, only half of those eligible to vote will do so. Rep. Keith Ellison has a plan.
On November 2, he’ll take a popular thing — live music — and wield it to encourage an unpopular one — voting — during his Get Out the Vote Concert at Aria in Minneapolis.
The Twin Cities music stars in the congressman’s quiver?
Indie-pop heavyweight Jeremy Messersmith! Rapping/singing Doomtree powerhouse Dessa! Electro-pop force Aby Wolf! Buzzy, Lizzo-associated rapper Sophia Eris! Plus, jams from Eris’ former …

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