Rep. Pallone Proposes $1B Boost To Auction Repack Fund

Rep. Pallone Proposes $1B Boost to Auction Repack Fund

Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.)—who has long pushed Congress to hold viewers harmless in the post-incentive auction repack—has introduced a bill to make sure the moving expenses of TV stations (and affected FM stations and MVPDs) are covered, given the initial broadcaster estimates of $2.1 billion in expenses and Congress’ set-aside of only $1.75 billion. 
The Viewer Protection Act would establish a $1 billion “emergency fund” if needed and fund a $90 million viewer outreach effort, given that most of a thousand stations are moving channels—some likely twice—in a 10-phase transition. 
Any money left over could be used to help …

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