Saturday’s TV Highlights And Weekend Talk: ‘Dr. Who’ On BBC America

Saturday’s TV highlights and weekend talk: ‘Dr. Who’ on BBC America

Training Day Frank (Bill Paxton) and Kyle (Justin Cornwell) investigate the disappearances of several of Holly’s (Julie Benz) “working girls” and are led to a Hollywood producer known for his quirky behavior. Lou Diamond Phillips, Sofia Vassilieva and Jim Piddock guest star with Katrina Law, Drew Van Acker, Christina Vidal and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. 8 p.m. CBSThe Son A formidable enemy compels young Eli (Jacob Lofland) to question where his loyalties lie then, in 1915, the McCullough’s past is coming back to haunt them. Pierce Brosnan and Zahn McClarnon also star. 9 p.m. AMC and SundanceDoctor Who London residents …

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