Senator Cory Booker Thinks The U.S. Government Should Keep An Eye On The Size Of Amazon, Google And Other Tech Giants

Senator Cory Booker thinks the U.S. government should keep an eye on the size of Amazon, Google and other tech giants

Big tech is a big concern for Cory Booker.
A longtime Silicon Valley ally, the New Jersey Democrat told me — in an upcoming episode of our Recode Decode podcast — that the U.S. government needs to apply a much more critical eye to large companies that aspire to become even larger, whether it’s Amazon’s new bid to buy Whole Foods, Google’s ever-growing footprint or a raft of cable and telecom mergers pending U.S. approval.
“This consolidation that’s happening all over the country is not a positive trend,” said Booker, acknowledging that the likes of Amazon, …

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