State Senator Says House Oil-tax Proposal Should Go In The Shredder, Suggesting Oil-tax Deal Is Far Off

State senator says House oil-tax proposal should go in the shredder, suggesting oil-tax deal is far off

Alaska Legislature

Anchorage Democratic Reps. Andy Josephson and Geran Tarr, left, discuss oil taxes with Golovin Democratic Sen. Donny Olson at a committee hearing Wednesday. They were at the Anchorage legislative office, while two more senators called into the hearing from Juneau. ( Bill Roth / Alaska Dispatch News)

After months of public disagreement on oil taxes, the Alaska Legislature held a committee hearing Wednesday to, once again, lay out its disagreement on oil taxes.

Democratic House majority members who favor higher taxes on oil companies delivered their talking points from an Anchorage conference room packed with industry supporters, who earlier demonstrated …

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