Steve Kraske: Why Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, Members Of Congress Need More Protection — ‘I’m Going To Blow Your F— Office Up.’

Steve Kraske: Why Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, members of Congress need more protection — ‘I’m going to blow your f— office up.’

The latest death threat to Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver came in a call to his office.

The caller was furious that Cleaver didn’t answer his phone, a job usually reserved for staffers. For that perceived failing, the man squawked, the congressman and former Kansas City mayor was a “f—— punk.”

The man continued, describing himself as a “United States military veteran” suffering from cancer and coronary artery disease.

Then, referring to Cleaver, he said this:

“If that mother-f—– doesn’t start listening to f—– President Trump and representing his f—– constituents, then I’m going to blow your f—– …

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