The New Divas: Maxine, Kamala, Hillary, And The Women Of Washington

The New Divas: Maxine, Kamala, Hillary, and the Women of Washington

When California Congresswoman Maxine Waters confronted slippery Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin at a committee meeting, she refused to let him eat up her precious minutes. “Reclaiming my time!” the 79-year-old legislator repeated several times, slicing brilliantly through Mnuchin’s transparent stalling techniques.
Waters coined a new power phrase — one repeated by out writer-actress Lena Waithe during her Emmy speech — but it was far from the first time the politician brilliantly challenged the white patriarchy ruling Washington. Her fearlessness at calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment, just weeks into his tainted presidency, cemented her national profile as a “powerful black woman,” …

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