These Democrats Feel Guilty For Sitting Out The 2016 Elections, And They Aren’t Waiting To Register Voters For The Midterms

These Democrats feel guilty for sitting out the 2016 elections, and they aren’t waiting to register voters for the midterms

Dan Henrickson rapped on the door of a stucco townhouse perched on a cul-de-sac in the north Los Angeles County suburb of Santa Clarita and awaited his fate.The 63-year-old information technology consultant from Los Angeles was volunteering for the Democratic Party’s local club and still getting used to the awkward art of door-knocking — earlier in the afternoon, he choked on a sip of water just as a voter opened his door.The man who answered this time looked Henrickson and his door-knocking partner up and down as they started their spiel. He asked them a single question: “Are …

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