Tomase: Steroids Kept Red Sox Great Dwight Evans Out Of Hall Of Fame — Advanced Stats Could’ve Put Him In

Tomase: Steroids kept Red Sox great Dwight Evans out of Hall of Fame — advanced stats could’ve put him in

Dwight Evans certainly doesn’t look bitter. On a recent March morning, the all-time Red Sox great saunters around a practice field at JetBlue Park, helping former teammate Rich Gedman gather scattered balls following batting practice.
As he returns to the clubhouse, he spies career minor leaguer Dan Butler.
“Hey BUT!” Evans yells, smiling broadly.
“I want to see this kid get to the big leagues,” Evans says, his enthusiasm palpable. “He’s so good. He’s a solid catcher. He’s learned how to hit. If he gets one year, he’ll get five or six. He’s 30, but he’s in great shape, he’s a …

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