Trump’s Official Behind The Jane Doe Case Urged ‘savvy’ Lawmakers To Make Women Get Men’s Permission Before Getting Abortions

Trump’s official behind the Jane Doe case urged ‘savvy’ lawmakers to make women get men’s permission before getting abortions

Activists demonstrate outside of the Department of Health and Human Services in support of a pregnant 17-year-old being held in a Texas facility for unaccompanied immigrant children to obtain an abortion on Oct. 20, 2017. AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
Scott Lloyd, director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, was the Trump administration official behind the Jane Doe case, in which the government refused to let an undocumented teen get an abortion.
Lloyd has written op-eds calling for “savvy state legislators” to pass laws requiring women to get permission from the father before they get an abortion.
He faced hard questions from …

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