U.S. Rep. John Lewis, An American Icon Of The Civil Rights Movement, Reflects On The 1962 Summer He Spent In Cairo

U.S. Rep. John Lewis, an American icon of the Civil Rights Movement, reflects on the 1962 summer he spent in Cairo

CAIRO — In the summer of 1962, a 22-year-old John Lewis and other young African-Americans knelt in prayer on the sidewalk in front of a “whites only” recreational facility as part of a peaceful demonstration effort aimed at integrating businesses and other public places in Cairo.

Danny Lyon, a Brooklyn native and then-University of Chicago student who hitchhiked to Cairo that summer, captured the poignant moment with Lewis, who would go on to become a longtime U.S. congressman from Georgia and American hero and icon of the Civil Rights Movement.

The image of the spiritual protest was shared around the nation …

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