Unfair FDA Rules On Vape Shops Threaten Cigarette Alternative In Ohio, Elsewhere: James Jarvis (Opinion)

Unfair FDA rules on vape shops threaten cigarette alternative in Ohio, elsewhere: James Jarvis (Opinion)

James Jarvis is the owner of Vapor StationJames Jarvis  
PICKERINGTON, Ohio — Over the last four years, my partners and I have worked tirelessly to build our business and open new retail stores across Ohio.  Now, prohibitively expensive regulations issued by the Food and Drug Administration threaten the very existence of our business, as well as hundreds of vapor product retailers across Ohio and thousands across the country. 
Under the FDA’s retroactive rules, any vapor product introduced to the U.S. market after a predicate date of Feb. 15, 2007 must go through an extensive approvals process to try to remain on …

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