US Attorney: Corrine Brown’s Motion For Acquittal Without Merit  | Depend On WOKV – Jacksonville’s News, Weather, And Traffic |

US Attorney: Corrine Brown’s motion for acquittal without merit  | Depend On WOKV – Jacksonville’s News, Weather, and Traffic |

Jacksonville, FL  –  The US Attorney has filed two motions in response to former Congressman Corrine Brown’s pursuit of a new trial. 
Brown was found guilty on 18 of 22 federal charges. Her attorney says Brown’s Sixth Amendment right to a jury of her peers and to a unanimous verdict were violated with the removal of a juror during deliberations. An alternate juror was seated, and the verdicts were rendered about a day and a half later. 
FULL COVERAGE:  The federal case of former Congresswoman Corrine Brown 
In its response, the Acting US Attorney Stephen Muldrow says the self-serving view …

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