Virginia Republicans Vote To Balloon The Deficit/Debt, Screw Everyone But The Super Rich, Corporations

Virginia Republicans Vote to Balloon the Deficit/Debt, Screw Everyone but the Super Rich, Corporations

As if you need any MORE reasons to vote Democratic up and down the ballot both this November and next November, check out this monstrosity of a vote. Yep, every single Virginia House Republican – Dave Brat (7th), Barbara Comstock (10th), Tom Garrett (5th), Bob Goodlatte (6th), Morgan Griffith (9th), Scott Taylor (2nd), Rob Wittman (1st) – just voted to: a) balloon the deficit and the debt in order to give the super-rich and big corporations an unneeded tax cut; and b) to the 99.9% who aren’t super rich.
See below for reaction from Virginia Democrats as it comes in.

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