‘We Need Some Leadership Here’: Democratic Rep Blasts Trump’s Lack Of a ‘coherent Policy’ On Syria

‘We need some leadership here’: Democratic Rep blasts Trump’s lack of a ‘coherent policy’ on Syria

Russian warship headed towards US Navy destroyers who launched Syria attack: Fox News

Did Sean Hannity get punked by a fake Russian spy?

The shrinking of Bill O’Reilly

Here are 10 Republicans who have done a complete 180 on Syria now that Obama’s not president

Bill Maher: GOP says it’s okay for Trump to attack Syria because he’s not ‘bombing while black’

Alabama ‘family values’ governor begs lawmakers not to release more lurid details of his affair

Ana Navarro: ‘Racist, misogynist, lying pig’ Trump takes more positions ‘than the Kama Sutra’ on issues

#FireKushner hashtag blows up Twitter …

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