Who Is Judge Corrigan? A Look Into The Judge Presiding Over Corrine Brown’s Case

Who is Judge Corrigan? A look into the judge presiding over Corrine Brown’s case

Judge Corrigan is the judge who will preside over former Congresswoman Corrine Brown’s case. Photo: FCN. (Photo: Dial, Steven)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The federal fraud trial against former Congresswoman Corrine Brown may have a lot of known names, but many people may not know who the judge is that will preside over her case: Judge Timothy Corrigan.
Corrigan was appointed to the bench in 2002 by President George Bush.
“Judge Corrigan is one of the premier federal judges in the country,” said former prosecutor Curtis Fallgatter.
Fallgatter said Judge Corrigan is smart and fair.
“Of course what you like when you walk …

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