Wilson High Grads: Cutting DCTAG Would Be Like ‘losing My Golden Ticket To College’

Wilson High grads: Cutting DCTAG would be like ‘losing my golden ticket to college’

The DC Tuition Assistance Grant has been making college more affordable for DC high school graduates for almost 20 years. So when President Trump’s 2019 budget proposed cutting the program, it caused a stir – and some panic.
The Wilson Beacon’s student reporters talked to three graduates who are currently attending college out of state.

The Beacon profiled 3 Wilson alums who will be affected by Trumps proposed cuts to DCTAG.
Kyah King can be found on the sidelines of most Louisville football and basketball games. But without DCTAG, she would have to return home. https://t.co/kUxZsXRnXZ pic.twitter.com/33 …

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