With a New Bike Plan In The Works For KC — Which Lags Other Cities In Cycle-friendly Infrastructure — I Set Out To See How My Bianchi And I Handled Some Basic Trips Right Now

With a new bike plan in the works for KC — which lags other cities in cycle-friendly infrastructure — I set out to see how my Bianchi and I handled some basic trips right now

First stop: coffee near UMKC. So far, so good.
The first thing I hear is the rumble.
It starts low, distant. It could be nothing — just passing traffic on some nearby street. But then the sound grows louder, gets closer. The rumble approaches. A quick backward glance and I see a pickup truck — not big, maybe one of those midsize Toyotas more suited for moving a couch than hauling drywall. But it’s coming up fast, and I am on a bicycle and we’re in Volker, and there is very little room on either side of the road for …

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